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The corporation CENTER FOR THOUGHT AND CRITICAL THEORY PRAXIS  Works for the economic, social, cultural and political improvement of people, social organizations and civil associations in general and their corporations in particular; providing services: in pedagogy, management and formulation of business and social projects, training, research, and promotion in areas of knowledge from a critical approach. 


a)    Cooperative, conscious and free work that collectively strengthens human beings in all their dimensions.  

b)    Permanent training as a necessary process for the production of scientific knowledge and its access to the majority. 

c)    Critical thinking as a perspective for understanding social reality. 

d)    Democracy, understood as the ability to collectively manage corporate decision-making. 

e)    Humanism as an ethical principle that manifests itself as a daily practice of its corporations. 

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a)    Promoting from training exercises the appropriation of science, technology, philosophy, art, culture and sport by the social sectors.  

b)    Offer formal education programs according to the guidelines given by the Ministry of Education. 

c)    Contribute to the production of knowledge of social impact from research and technical and scientific development.


d)    Create, consolidate and promote organizational spaces of a social, community and union nature.

e)    Strengthen and broaden social, political and historical awareness with a critical approach and solidarity at the local, regional and national level._cc781905-5cde-3194-bb3b -136bad5cf58d_

f)     Manage, enter into contracts and execute projects with national and international public or private sector entities, as well as cooperation agencies.

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